On December 3rd Aarts Plastics were handed over 2 certificates for ISO 9001
and ISO 14001. Exceptional was the fact that the company was the first in the
Netherlands achieving this according to the brand new Standard 2015 in place
since 1-10-2015. With the new standard Aarts Plastics is taking a leading
position in quality management.
One of the new aspects in the standard 2015 is risk oriented thinking.
Aarts Plastics has been implementing a new risk oriented system, enabling the
company to secure their processes on all levels in the organisation.

Other striking differences between the new version (ISO 9001: 2015 ) and the current version:
 - Emphasizing leadership and commitment of top management
 - Strong focus on targets as drivers for improvements
 - Broad perspective on risk management and dealing with odds
 - Enhanced attention to the orchestration of processes, products and
services delivered by external service

In the same period the company also went for re certification of its sustainability and also passed for this audit as well.

René Hoogstraate (R) and Job van Snippenberg (2nd R) at the official ceremony