About Aarts Plastics

Aarts Plastics was founded in 1943 and from the beginning located in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. In today’s modern premises, on a built area of 10.500 m2, the daily production and warehousing is regulated.

With up to date machinery among which several bi-injection moulding machines, customers are served all over Europe. Besides the injection moulding department, there are a fully fledged moldshop, a lacquering, an assembling/shipping department and a large warehouse in the building. There are a total of approx 60 people working at Aarts, the employees in the injection moulding department in a 5 shiftscedule, 24/7.

About Aarts Plastics


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Aarts Plastics
Aarts Plastics is a member of the NRK (Federation Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry) and follows their C.A.O. (collective labour agreement). The company is a recognized teaching facility that offers internships on different technical study levels.

Aarts Plastics is certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and the CSR Performance Ladder. During the last decades, Aarts Plastics particularly specialized in the below mentioned market segments.