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In Mould Labelling (IML)

IML is a technique with which a plastic label with images and/or text fuses with a product during the injection moulding process. In-mould labels are highly resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Also the labels are scratch, crack and wrinkle proof and fully recyclable. Because IML takes place simultaneously with the injection moulding and no rework is required, optimal product hygiene is ensured.

Aarts Plastics is highly experienced in this technique. IML offers unlimited possibilities that can also be carried out with metalized labels, for an even better product ‘look’.


After moulding , Aarts Plastics can lacquer the products in any desired colour. Aarts Plastics has three automated lacquering lines available in-house.


During this process a foil is used to hot-stamp a logo or text in order to personalise a product and enhance its appearance. Application is possible on straight as well as round products.


The metallisation of a product gives it an exclusive appearance. By means of vacuum metallisation, a product can be gold or silver plated, for example. Aarts Plastics has selected suppliers for this finishing technique and can provide this service for you.